About Me

I have always been intrigued by nature with a particular interest in reptiles. I saw my first python when I was six years old, and since that time I have been obsessed with these magnificent creatures. My first pet python was a Burmese python, and after that, I was hooked. I took a little hiatus from keeping throughout the '90s, but as soon as I got my own house in the early '00s, I knew it was time to get a snake again. One became two, and I haven't looked back. I had a goal way back, in the beginning, to work with all of the species of pythons and that has become my mission.
I also started a podcast on pythons called Morelia Python Radio which has been going strong since 2011. The podcast led me to initiate an event called Carpet Fest in the Northeast. That event has sprung up local chapters all around the US. Pythons are my passion, let me make it yours as well!