Carpet Python Morphs

Albino and Albino Combos.

I work with both pure darwin albinos and designer albino carpet pythons. The albino gene is a recessive gene that makes one of the most stunning albino pythons ever!
I also work with albino tiger darwins. This line has been selectively bred by Nick Mutton. They are a striped albino that is 100% pure Darwin carpet.

Jag and Jag Combos.

I work with pure coastal jags and coastal jag combos. The jag gene is an incomplete dominant gene. However, there are some issues associated with this gene. There are neurological issues associated with this gene and if you bred jag x jag you will produce a dead leucistic. Some jags will never show issues while some are very severe. The one thing that is 100% is that all jags have the issue and it really comes down to the extent to which it has shown.
Tiger and Tiger Combos.

I work with pure coastal tigers and some tiger crosses. Tiger is a polygenic trait which is basically a striped carpet. I only call striped carpets tigers if they can be traced back to the original tigers that were produced by Jason Baylin. If it is striped and can't be traced back to Baylin's stock then I would refer to them as striped carpets, however, it is the same gene @ play. I work with tigers, red tigers from both lines and citrus line tigers. 
Coastal Carpet Axanthic and Axanthic Combos.
Granite and Granite Combos.
Red and Red Combos.
Caramel and Caramel Combos.
Hypo and Hypo Combos.
Zebra and Zebra Combos.
Papuan Carpet Axanthic and Axanthic Combos.
Striped Jungle Carpets.
Ivory  Jungle Carpets and Ivory Carpet combos.
Ocelot jag and Ocelot jag combos.
Papaun carpet tigers and tiger combos.
Reduced patterned Diamond Pythons.
Tiger Darwin Carpet Pythons.
Stonewashed Centralian Pythons.
Hypo Centralian Pythons.
Striped Centralian Pythons.